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Press clippings

"Only such a musical virtuosity can bring the wonderful vibrations of art." (Freiburger Nachrichten, August 24, 1992)

« ....beautiful and poignant interpretation of the Piano Trio..... the technical ability never became an end in itself. One could also feel the will and the destiny at all times, which helped the interpretation to find a poetic unity. "(Bonn, 1995)

"A extremely fluid piano, a cello of very sure élans and a violin of infinite grace.... An astonishing range of emotions came alive in the continuously collusive looks of three musicians." (Nantes-Poche)

« .....accuracy of intonation and remarkable energy" (Ocean Press)

"The fluidity of the piano, the warm sound of the cello and the magnificence of the violinist's bow, the complicit agreement between the strings and the piano, the special care given to transitions, everything came together in this performance.... in an exaltation that doesn’t allow any relaxation, they kept their audience spellbound...." (Ouest France)

" ....a warmth and restraint (???) worthy of the greatest" (Nantes-Poche)

" ....Rich with deep emotion, we must now reckon with this trio, which enters this “Folles Journées” through the front door." (Ocean Press, 2001)

"It is hard to come down to earth after such a journey that ends with a heartbeat that stops.... The musical thought, the length of breath needed for such work, everything is offered by the three friends in this space where music and silence become one." (Ouest France, 2001)