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Trio Atalante

The trio takes its name from the name of the huntress of Greek mythology who was seduced by Hippomenes. Atalante is also the name of a film shot in 1934 by Jean Vigo, in which the author discusses his worldview, imbued with love and poetry.

Having arrived in France over twenty years ago, Constantin Serban is concertmaster of the National Orchestra of Pays de la Loire, Ruxandra Serban being principal cello in the same orchestra.

It is through his teaching at the Nantes National Conservatoire of Music, that Constantin Serban meets Colette Musquera, with whom he founds firstly a duo and then the Trio "Atalante”. Since then, they have performed regularly in both France (in Paris, at “La Folle Journée”, at the “Haut-Anjou” Festival, the “Music Hour on Thursday” and for the Popular Concerts Society of Angers) and abroad (at the Chamber Music Season in Bonn, in Bucharest at the Athenaeum Theatre, at Mulheim, Bern etc..).

The Trio has a broad repertoire, very diverse: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Franz Schubert, Anton Dvorak, Pyotr Illytch Tchaikovsky, Johannes Brahms etc..

Each performance was unanimously praised by the press